About Utrecht University

About Utrecht University

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Utrecht is a city located in Holland. From Amsterdam it takes 25 minutes to reach the city by train. Utrecht is the largest University town in the Netherlands. The City hosts students from 75,000 to 3, 00,000. Many of them are from different parts of Europe, especially Germans are well represented.

International Students in large number makes it easy to adjust for Erasmus Mundus. The Dutch are extremely helpful and polite. Movies are in English and with Dutch subtitles.

Utrecht is home for Utrecht University, which is one of the leading Universities in Europe. The colleges are located in De Uithof an industrial estate on the city’s outskirts.

The facilities in the Hogeschool compare favorably to those in DIT. The classes are small in size.

The academic calendar is structured with slight differences. The semester was broken into two separate blocks. That means students should study three modules for the first eight weeks of the semester and another three for the second eight. The major drawback in this is examinations will be conducted at the middle of the semester in addition to the end.

In spite of having relatively large population, Utrecht feels more like a large town than a city. Dublin is relatively bigger than Utrecht, not only in population, but also area wise.

The City was built around the canal which flows through Utrecht. An array of Shops, Restaurants, and Bars will be spotted through the picturesque pedestrian streets.