Denmark Political State of Affairs in view of Higher Education

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As it was outlined in the foundation document, now the Danish government's agenda is to launch a more 'open' Denmark with a secure employment and growth, stronger investment in education, a green policy based on sustainable energy, better balance in the immigration policy and integration, and strengthened links to Europe.


Denmark Higher Education News

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A new OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) report praises the high quality of Danish post-secondary vocational education. The report highlights the dynamic relationship between labor market needs and education, aided by mandatory internships.


Tuition Fees updates in Germany Universities

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From the past eight years, university tuition fee was introduced into most West German federal states. In the next few months, every single state of Germany will put this into action. These raise a sequel of caveats in a revealing light.


Facts about Switzerland Universities

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Swiss university annual tuition fees (Tuition fee for foreigners in brackets if different to domestic student charges)


Australia's Best Performing University

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Once again, Melbourne was ranked Australia’s best performing university by Subject. Nationwide, it stood first in 12 of the 30 disciplines. Also it ranks the second best faculty in the world, next to the University of London’s Institute of Education.


About Utrecht University

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Utrecht is a city located in Holland. From Amsterdam it takes 25 minutes to reach the city by train. Utrecht is the largest University town in the Netherlands. The City hosts students from 75,000 to 3, 00,000. Many of them are from different parts of Europe, especially Germans are well represented.


New Higher Education Plans in France

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President François Hollande told that he is having new plans in order to make the nation more attractive to International students. These plans include simplifying administration around visa processing and extending post-study work rights.


1,000 more University Places for Singaporeans this Year Education Minister's Report

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SINGAPORE: There will be 1,000 more University places for Singaporeans this year. This will raise the count to 14,000 Universities. In a Facebook post on Friday, Education Minister Heng Swee Keat congratulated the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) on attaining its autonomous university status.


Two Singapore Universities Graded Top Among the Best in Asia

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Thomson Reuters published inaugural Times Higher Education (THE) Asia University Rankings 2013 in which two Singapore universities graded top among the best universities in Asia.


Singapore Joins World's Top University Nations

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From an impoverished colonial outpost to a nation with a higher per capita gross domestic product than the US, Singapore has transformed itself within the span of few generations.