Campus France

Campus France

Posted on 14 May 2014 Views ( 1073 )

Campus France is a governmental agency promoting French higher education which will establish partnerships with various Indian higher education institutions for faster exchanges with French institutions. The French Embassy is currently organizing an opportunities network that will bring together the HR heads of the major French companies in India as well as international relations heads of the French and Indian higher education institutions.

The Embassy has simplified visa procedures for Indian students and their visa applications will be examined on priority. The network promotes all opportunities offered to Indian students who have pursued higher education in France. Many French companies are present in India with a total investment of almost 18 billion dollars. They account for creating more than two and a half lakh skilled jobs in India. This year, the French Embassy, will award scholarships totaling Rs 7 Crore to the meritorious Indian students who desire to pursue their higher education in France.

It aims at the creation of a Franco Indian network and an increased number of scholarships offered by the French Embassy and its corporate partners.

In order to facilitate travel to France for all Indian citizens who have studied in France, France, will give a visa with five years long period of validity - if the studies in France were at the Master or PhD levels.

Last year, almost 2,600 Indian students opted for higher education in France. Earlier language was a barrier, but now more than 700 courses are taught in English.