Denmark Political State of Affairs in view of Higher Education

Denmark Political State of Affairs in view of Higher Education

Posted on 12 May 2014 Views ( 941 )

As it was outlined in the foundation document, now the Danish government's agenda is to launch a more 'open' Denmark with a secure employment and growth, stronger investment in education, a green policy based on sustainable energy, better balance in the immigration policy and integration, and strengthened links to Europe. Several ministers demonstrated their values by going to the opening of parliament by bicycle.

The previous ministry of science has been restored as the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Higher Education. Its minister's role within the government is being strengthened by Østergaard's place on two important internal governmental committees, one for economic policy and one for further development and coordination of the foundation document.

Many parts of the higher education system were previously under other ministries, such as professional shorter-term degrees like physiotherapy, nursing, and teacher training and architectural education. Now they have been transferred to Østergaard's portfolio.

Løkke Rasmussen, the former prime minister, called for the general election because parliament would not agree to endorse a DKK85 billion deficit in the 2012 budget. Also science and higher education were at least DKK1 billion underfunded in 2012 budget with an even greater shortfall in 2013.

Now the greatest challenge before the new government is recasting the 2012 budget and finding the resources to implement its policies and recasting the 2012 budget. Commentators have alleged that ministries’ staff includes senior officers who are in favour of market liberalization policies. These market liberalization policies were promoted by previous governments from the past decade. Hence it is not easy to change the mindset overnight.