Education Facts about Cyprus

Education Facts about Cyprus

Posted on 12 May 2014 Views ( 1134 )

International students in Cyprus are having awesome experience.

Uchechi Owhonda, 26, management information systems major, said she came to Northern Cyprus to have an unhampered education. She is now expecting her graduation from her four-year program by the end of her third year, this summer.

East University’s journalism department has its own radio and television studios, broadcasting 24-hour programs around the island.

The nation’s population is 3, 00,000 and hosts nine universities with 10th in the works.

In an Interview in Nicosia last month, Huseyin Gokcekus, Yodak’s president said that they hit a new record of 110 nations this year. Northern Cyprus and Turkey has contributed the most number of students followed by Iran, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The main language of instruction is English with academic staff members from 60 countries.

International students opinioned unanimously, they came for the quality of the education.

The highly qualified faculty, the study atmosphere, the discipline, and the modern library all make Higher Education in Cyprus a memorable experience. If you are interested in learning, you will definitely learn more here in Cyprus.

The universities of Northern Cyprus serve thousands of International students as a stepping stone to higher education in the western world.

“People use it as a link to other places,” said Richard Alubari, 20, from Nigeria.