Latest Higher Education Updates in UAE

Latest Higher Education Updates in UAE

Posted on 12 May 2014 Views ( 944 )

In the last two years, UAE has seen openings of international branch campus which have been highly successful.

They have international best practices and are in a state of expansion diversely. There are twinning arrangements, a few branch campuses, and notable subsidiary institutions, and research outposts. These multinational arrangements and online delivery models have made it possible for some international students to claim a foreign degree without setting foot on any campus. More students in various countries, with different financial abilities are in a position to access a foreign degree due to the existence of international models. Every university was doing it for the power and prestige.

UAE Government had made money and state-of-the-art facilities available to help them and acquire a reputation as an education hub. The demand of International students justified it. Moreover the technology facilitated them in a big way once there was the will to do it. This development is going to have a long-term consequence as the undergraduate students studying at a branch campus have a chance to move on to graduate studies at the main campus. This new approach to international campuses is worth welcoming. They require maintaining focus on the home campus while devoting resources to the international expansion and establish quality control measures at branch campuses to make sure that the brand is not diminished or devalued  in any manner. Quality education to foreign students is assured and offers a wholly memorable experience to them.

The new model retains the main prestigious institutional brand and is properly tailored to answer the realities of the branch campus.

It fosters a Competition of international players and the students are overwhelmed by the variety of choices available. This gives a feel of quality foreign regulations and lifts up the standard of the local universities and works to achieve better results to the students in general. For a few of them earning a name is more important than making money. Though there are financial pressures but this experiment is bound to succeed in a big way and herald a new era in academic circles making UAE a global education hub.

There is a need for examining the reasons for success and replicating them. It is required that the strategy for inviting and retaining top international institutions is refined. Their future is assured by the involvement and support of the UAE Government. Cost-effective practices of sourcing academics are also required to ensure better performance.