Ways to get around British Universities

Ways to get around British Universities

Posted on 14 May 2014 Views ( 1018 )

 Students have the added satisfaction of knowing they succeeded in a competitive university. The university admits the pool of talent of students who are intelligent and very much interested in their subjects, possessing the ability to demonstrate their interest. They need to have chutzpah and must have confidence in their opinions, even when someone says that is not right. Cultivation of skills make students feel special and give them a sense of entitlement. They address issues in a logical fashion, reason from premises to conclusion, stand up for their own ideas, and are flexible. They must also be well in thinking and being smart is the key.

They must be passionate and able to communicate their enthusiasm for the relevant subject. Without having preconceived ideas, they must be spontaneous.

The world is globalizing more rapidly than we imagine. It is good on the part of the students to obtain diverse and knowledgeable worldviews in the classroom. More direct interactions between local students and international students need to be developed. The responsibility for expanding the dimensions and horizons of students rests on shoulders of the faculty. Students should be proactive and access international research and internship opportunities. They must be competent and strong in effective communication. They must become lifelong learners, forever engaged in academics, learning and discovering along the way, and being involved in the true sense of the term.

Study the website as it has an avalanche of information on the university, before arriving. Through this the student acquires a great feeling of mastery upon arrival.

Set specific goals. Plan about the grades and skills you aspire to achieve. Have friends who share interest in common and undertake activities which help you to develop your personality and interests. Socialize, and start friendship with British students. Also learn about something that you don’t understand. Be interested in culture, food, customs and traditions. Seeking advice from other students is also desirable. Smile as much as possible and see the onset of great results. Be friends with everyone, despite their ethnic, regional or religious inclinations. The UK is a free nation with huge presence of foreign cultures, so it is advisable to wear your traditional attires and depict the beautiful culture. Explore in depth the university and department. Seek specific information. Make effective use of time.

It is good to be prepared for culture shock and seek Support.

Indian students are striking in their drive, dedication and their ambition to succeed. They maintain a balance between young, modern, forward-thinking individualism and observing traditional social norms, family customs and generation structures.

Higher Overseas education represents a lifetime opportunity to realize personal ambition and transcends the beliefs and barriers that hold them back. They have complex ambitions and motivations, and there is an attractiveness of higher education in UK. It is a place where they can aspire to become experts in their field, and for the global employers to recognize their qualifications in a big way.

It is known to be on top in quality, reputation, the content of the course, and the distinguished teachers involved. 

The opportunity for institutions in UK to target for ambitious students exists, but given the discerning nature of students, institutions must know that young Indians think globally, and require none of the present discrimination. What is needed is a well defined recruitment strategy, a new partnership with international business, effective career pathways and avenues to work.

The features of flexible learning options, combining virtual and face-to-face learning, and extensive global networks for overall development need to be answered squarely and doubts removed regarding them. This requires faith and co-operation to be exhibited by the government, the industry and the education sector and a powerful commitment for the cause. The desire is there in students but meeting their expectations is a tough task.