Ireland's Universities competes well globally

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A major review of the Ireland’s Higher Education sector published today shows that the nation competes well globally as far as higher education system is concerned and graduate employment has bounced back to pre-crisis levels.


First GCHQ certified Master's courses unvieled

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In March 2014, The UK’s surveillance agency declared that it was to provide official certification for master’s programs which has a widespread base in cyber security, as per the agency. Out of the six deemed universities that are eligible standards, four have been awarded “full certified status”. These are: Royal Holloway, University of London, Lancaster University, University of Oxford, and Edinburgh Napier University. The remaining two, University of Surrey, and Cranfield University, have been granted “provisional” certification.


USA named "top nation for higher education"

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For the third consecutive year, the United States of America has been ranked "top nation for higher education” by the U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems. Sweden kept its second place, while Denmark and Canada climbed to share third from their respective fourth and fifth place positions in 2013. Finland has secured fifth position.


Financial Aid updates at Graduate Level

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While the cost of living varies from one region to another region, studying in the United States can never be the same like four years ago. Below is the table, which gives you a list of financial updates for Graduate level.


Financial Aid updates for Undergraduate Level

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While the cost of living varies from one region to another region, studying in the United States can never be the same like four years ago. Below is the table, which gives you a list of financial updates for Undergraduate level.


Top 100 most influential US colleges on Twitter

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Despite of many Colleges in the US made their presence felt in Twitter, some institutes claim to be using the micro-blogging social network most effectively. Let us see the top 100 most influential US Colleges on Twitter by May 1, 2014. The table show the details of how many people following each university and the number of tweets each account sends out per day, on an average.


Millions in UK can work flexible hours under new rules

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Under new rules that could boost the economy, now millions of employees in the UK will enjoy flexible hours of work, including working from home. Jo Swinson, the employment relations minister, opinioned that the changes would boost the UK economy with happier employees.


Ireland Acts Over high tech skills shortage

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The Irish government has announced an initiative aimed at heading off potential skill shortages in the information technology sector. This includes creating an additional 5,400 higher education places in the software, computer hardware, and engineering areas. About 63 million Pounds (e95 million) will be spent on capital investment, and annual maintenance will cost up to e7, 600 for each next place.


Governor General of Canada Officially Opens Canadian Led Accelerator in India

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MUMBAI, Friday, February 28, 2014 —Governor General of Canada, David Johnston, officially opened a joint venture between Simon Fraser University, Ryerson Futures Inc (RFI), Ryerson University of Toronto, and the Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd; (BIL).


All that employers want from Canadian Higher Education

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When Dale Camuyong’s, a student of University of Manitoba business stood as his school’s best co-op student of 2013, the qualities that so impressed his employer, New Flyer Industries, who was a bus manufacturing company are strikingly diverse set of skills and qualities: not just human resources knowledge but sense of humor, professionalism, dedication, teamwork, initiative, and leadership.