Education Updates for Singapore

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Singapore increased tuition fees by approximately 8.5% for the academic year commencing August 2013. According to Overseas Education’s 2012 annual report the students obtained consistently above the world-wide percentages. The Overseas Education’s future prospects are good and new campuses are being built. The new campuses will have increased student capacity based on demands which result in their generating higher revenue foreign exchange and profits for the country.


Campus France

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Campus France is a governmental agency promoting French higher education which will establish partnerships with various Indian higher education institutions for faster exchanges with French institutions. The French Embassy is currently organizing an opportunities network that will bring together the HR heads of the major French companies in India as well as international relations heads of the French and Indian higher education institutions.


New Zealand Higher Education Updates

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New Zealand is all captivating landscapes, willowing mountains and more. If your dream is studying in the country, after watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on loop, read on. A joint call for research proposals for Indian and New Zealand academics has been made by the Education New Zealand (ENZ) and University Grants Commission (UGC) to encourage education ties between India and New Zealand.


Latest updates on British Council

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British Council is providing three scholarships to students who are gifted literature and write creatively from Commonwealth countries to attend universities in Scotland in July and August 2014. They offer excellent educational and accommodation facilities to students, amidst beautiful environment, and they can explore cultural and historical sites also. The British Council Scotland will provide two two-week literature scholarships and one four-week creative writing scholarship for 2014 and it covers full use of the library at Edinburgh University.


Ways to get around British Universities

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Students have the added satisfaction of knowing they succeeded in a competitive university. The university admits the pool of talent of students who are intelligent and very much interested in their subjects, possessing the ability to demonstrate their interest. They need to have chutzpah and must have confidence in their opinions, even when someone says that is not right.


All about teaching assistantships in USA

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Teaching Assistants, as the name suggests assists a teacher or a professor with instructional responsibilities. These teaching assistants are four types: Undergraduate teaching assistants (UTAs), graduate teaching assistants (GTAs), Secondary school Teaching Assistants and elementary school Teaching Assistants


Princeton and Williams top U.S. Universities

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Sky rocketing student debts and decline in job opportunities are leaving many in dilemma whether abroad studies are worthwhile or not and the simple answer is: Yes. According to a survey conducted by U.S. News over 1,400 Colleges on several issues such as average debt of graduates, graduation rates, class sizes, acceptance rates, and tuition Princeton and Williams Colleges top U.S. Colleges.


Few Education Updates about Spanish Higher Education System

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In 2009 the Spanish government launched a policy initiative, Estrategia Universidad 2015, with a goal aiming to boost the competitiveness of Spanish universities. Internationalization is one of the main goals of the strategy, which: • Offers quality assurance mechanisms for international recognition and accreditation of qualifications obtained in Spain.


Education Facts about Cyprus Higher Education II

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The relatively low cost is another factor that attracts international students to Northern Cyprus. Tuition at E.M.U. runs $6,000 to $8,000 a year, with scholarships of 50 percent available to around 3,000 of the 16,000 students there, said Mr. Oztoprak, the rector.


Education Facts about Cyprus

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Uchechi Owhonda, 26, management information systems major, said she came to Northern Cyprus to have an unhampered education. She is now expecting her graduation from her four-year program by the end of her third year, this summer.