Facts and Figures

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As per the surveys conducted for the year 2012-13, below are the facts and figures Canada’s social sciences and humanities research community. Full-time professors: 23,304 Full-time doctoral students: 19,446 Full-time master’s students: 42,084 SSHRC funding Number of applications received: 12,563.


Faculty of Public Affairs

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A critical panel discussion is going to be held by Faculty of Public Affairs. The topic is "Does Social Science have an obligation to solve Society’s problems?" Guest Speaker: President of Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Guest panelists: William Walters: Professor, Department of Political Science


Universities to host regional events

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Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) has collaborated with its leader’s network and is pleased to support a series of regional events in Canada that will highlight insights from research in the humanities and social sciences on issues related to the areas those will be challenging in future.


Harper Government's New Research Fund

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Harper Government's New Research Fund has put Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions to best in the world. Minister of State (Science and Technology) Greg Rickford today initiated an Economic Action Plan 2014 with an aim of strengthening innovation, technology, and Science in Canada.


Ban on OPT

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In a letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson last week, US Senator Charles Grassley called for a ban on OPT (Optional Practical Training). The call for a moratorium on OPT (Optional Practical Training) by US Senator has left thousands of International students in a shock.


Latest Higher Education Updates in UAE

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In the last two years, United Arab Emirates has seen openings of international branch campus which have been highly successful. They have international best practices and are in a state of expansion diversely. There are twinning arrangements, a few branch campuses, and notable subsidiary institutions, and research outposts.


Education Updates for Italy

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Italy's expenditure on higher education has been fairly stagnant. In 1998 the nation spent less than the OECD average on higher education per student. Ten years on, Italy remained roughly at the same position.


Entering University in Spain

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Spanish Universities are highly competitive to secure an admission as there are very less places available for International students to study. A percentage of places at most universities, are allocated to International and non-EU students. Generally, qualifications those are accepted in a student's home country are accepted in Spain as well.


Practical Information about Spain

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In Spain, People work for five days a week from Monday to Friday. The Working hours are from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and then again from 4:30 to 7:30. Travel agencies and Shops will be opened in similar hours and on Saturdays as well. But many skip the evening sessions. The further south you go, the longer the afternoon break tends to be.


Spain's Higher Education Facts

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In Spain Higher education is provided by both public and private institutions. Universities are divided into institutos universitarios, escuelas universitarias, escuelas tecnicas superiores, facultades universitarias, departamentos, and other centres, notably the colegios universitarios.