Facts and Figures about Malaysian Universities

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Enrolment of Students as at 31 Dec 2011 in Polytechnics and Community Colleges (2010-2011) Public Higher Educational Institutions Student Enrolment Polytechnics 89,292 • Certificate 4,616 • Diploma / Advanced diploma 84,514 / 162 Community Colleges 25,125 • Certificate 6,319 • National Modular Certificate (2010-2011) 18,806 Total 114,417


Facts and updates about Holland's Universities

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A growing number of small US-style liberal arts colleges are being set up on campuses in the Netherlands. Pioneered by Utrecht University, these colleges break the Dutch model by selecting ultra-motivated students who are keen to have a broad cross-disciplinary undergraduate experience.


Facts about Netherlands Universities

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Now depends upon the competition, Netherlands funding councils are allocating public research cash for projects and grant applications are reviewed and assessed by external peers, which is similar to the UK research excellence framework-SEP (Standard Evaluation Protocol). Depends upon the quantity of PhDs done at a University and historical factors, lump sums are also awarded.


Netherlands' Education Updates

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Netherlands has started taking steps to make it more attractive for International scholars. Towards this, Universities are trying to put students in touch with potential employers before they have completed their studies. Also educate students with better career opportunities and offering them languages courses are a part of it. The nation is hoping that all these reforms help more overseas talent remain in the Netherlands after completing their studies.


Credit Transfer in Italian Universities

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Under Ministerial Decree 509/99 in the university sector and in the non-university sector under decree 508/99, the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) entered into the legal framework in 1999. It is known as credito formativo universitaro and has been adopted as the national system. It is based on student workload and used as an accumulation system. One credit is 25 hours of work.


Critics on recent Italian Education Strategies

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Just Like many others, Pantaleo believe that the nation’s university system needs to undergo many reformations and has to be streamlined. The recent strategies seem to be emphasized on draw many more International students and staff and introducing additional student-centered services but they also need to provide funding for essential services like affordable student housing, which is essential to the pursuit of a degree, especially for foreign students, he told.


New reformations in Italian Higher Education

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The Diploma Supplement was introduced by the reform law of 1999 to the Italian system of higher education. It has now become mandatory to issue a supplement for all degrees awarded. The Diploma Supplement has to be issued in a second European language in addition to Italian.


Courses offered in Denmark Universities

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By offering a comprehensive approach to project group work and teamwork distinguishes Copenhagen Business School from the rest of the world. Students are encouraged to improve their communication skills through open classroom debates. Study Programs Offered:


History of Tuition Fees in Germany

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For an International student, the combination of local universities and local politics and the reversal of seemingly inevitable tuition fees in Germany may seem like another world. But the same forces had produced the same result in Scotland a decade ago.


Universities in Switzerland

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Switzerland’s seven Universities are featured in the World top University Rankings for the year 2013/14. Out of these seven two got placed in the top 20 and five in the top 200. What impresses more is the nation achieved all this, despite have less area than that of the US state of Virginia.